The Linen Way specialises in linen wear and accessories for women. High quality, casual innovative design, range of colours and natural linen fabric is the basis of our brand.

Linen is the oldest textile ever produced. This fabric is strong, ecological, naturally cool and highly breathable, which is perfect for every season of the year.

‘The Linen Way’ is inspired with strong liking for natural textile. Our brand was born from the passion of its founders: Kiran Bajaj and Jaya Redkar. It was conceptualised by the desire to show that linen is much more than just a rough grey fabric. We work on designs from our imagination, create unique shapes and cuts; and then soften and wash the garment until it gives us the desired finish that is natural to this fabric.

We wanted to introduce linen in its most versatile way hence we came up with a fashion line that specialises in linen apparel and accessories for women. Like any other natural fibre, linen has its own charm, and we love to share our expertise, skills and passion with ‘The Linen Way’ customers.

Our design philosophy is based on the idea of clean cuts and minimalism with an array of pastel and vibrant colours to suit everyone’s taste. Here we greet each season with a fresh, newly created collection, all of which is carefully sewed with care and love in India in accordance with the highest standards of quality. After they are produced, these beautiful products are presented to our customers, just waiting for the opportunity to tell their stories.

The Linen Way is a perfect fit for women who enjoy the pleasure of dressing with luxurious but understated style and natural elegance in the city or during travel.


Sustainable fashion

Linen is a high quality fabric capable of producing beautiful clothing while remaining environmentally sustainable to produce. Being a plant based fibre and also the strongest of all natural fibres, makes linen one of the most sustainable fabric. It is grown with little or no chemical fertilizers. All parts of the plant are used to create multiple byproducts, so nothing is wasted.

Slow Fashion

As a brand we believe in timeless fashion. We pay close attention to style, design and quality of the product. Our designs are based on clean cuts and minimalism. We create our products from the most durable fabric – linen. These pieces are created to stand the test of time and fleeting trends.

Creativity at work

At The Linen Way, we are always exploring new ideas to support our passion for timeless fashion. We present linen in various versatile ways with theme based prints, embroideries, close attention to patterns and details. We create a right mix of colours and styles that can be enjoyed by our customers in the city or during travel, any season.

High quality products

Attention to detail is the name of the game. We invest in 100% pure linen fabric paying close attention to each stitch and seam in the pursuit of creating a perfect product every time.

No wastage policy

We believe in making from excess linen. On average, 10% of the fabric used in making clothing ends up being wastage during the cutting stage of garment production. We make smaller products, preventing the pieces of linen from going to waste.

Reliability & Trust

At The Linen Way, we follow one simple principle of respecting our own words and building our relation with customers based on trust and reliability. We are always with you, before your purchase and after your purchase.


Making our luxury products affordable and available to suit everyone’s taste has always been the highest priority of our brand.